What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Hate?

Is hate an emotion?

Hatred is a feeling.

It can cause an angry, or resentful emotional response, which can be used against certain people, or ideas.

Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards the source of hostility..

What type of word is hate?

The word ‘hate’ can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective in a sentence. Here are examples of all three: Verb: I hate carrots.

How can we avoid phrasal verbs?

Multiple Meanings of Phrasal VerbsDelete or remove (e.g., The irrelevant paragraph was cut out)Shape by cutting (e.g., The DNA model was cut out using scissors)Suit or equip (e.g., She was not cut out for the task)Cease operating (e.g., The engine cut out)Exclude (e.g., Group 2 had sugar cut out of their diet)

What does keep it up mean?

used to encourage someone to continue doing something: You’re doing very well everybody.

What can I say instead of I hate you?

The phrase I hate you is a phrase of the verb hate. Here’s a list of synonyms for hate….What is another word for I hate you?loathingabominationaversiondetestationdislikehatredabhorrenceanimosityantipathydisdain231 more rows

Is hate stronger than love?

Love can be more powerful than hate because love can end violence, make others do lovable things, inspire creations. Also since love is a much sweeter emotion, people become more attracted to it. … On the other hand, hate can also be more powerful than love. Hate leads to craziness, which in most cases leads to violence.

What does happened mean?

verb (used without object) to befall, as to a person or thing: Something dreadful has happened to me. to meet or discover by chance (usually followed by on or upon): to happen on a clue to a mystery. to be, come, go, etc., casually or by chance: My friend happened along.

What is the phrasal verb of keep away?

keep away (from somebody/something) to avoid going near someone or something Keep away from the edge of the cliff.

What is the phrasal verb of happen?

Answer. happen to somebody/something. ​ to have an effect on somebody/something I hope nothing (= nothing unpleasant) has happened to them.

What does keep off mean?

1 : to stop or prevent (someone or something) from being on (something) Keep off the grass. Please keep the dog off the sofa.

What means keep?

: to continue having or holding (something) : to not return, lose, sell, give away, or throw away (something) : to continue in a specified state, condition, or position. : to cause (someone or something) to continue in a specified state, condition, or position.