What Does It Mean To Say Lest We Forget?

Is lest always followed by should?

The only auxiliary verb that can follow lest is should.

Work hard lest you should fail.

OR Work hard lest you fail..

What is the synonym of Lest?

lest(conjunction) For fear that; that . . . not; in order that . . . not; in case. He won’t go outside, lest he be eaten by those ravenous eagles. Synonyms: beforeConjunction.

What does the word lest mean?

for fear that; so that (one) should not (used negatively to introduce a clause expressive of an action or occurrence requiring caution): He kept his notes by his side lest faulty memory lead him astray. that (used after words expressing fear, danger, etc.): There was danger lest the plan become known.

What does Lest We Forget mean for kids?

Lest We Forget – three words renown across most countries to show our remembrance of those who have fought, and those who have died fighting for freedom. It means that we will never forget.

How do you use the word lest?

lestfor fear that; in case; so that . . . not: speak low lest you be overheard.Archaic that: used only after a word or words expressing fear: afraid lest he should fail us.

Do you say lest we forget on Anzac Day?

At the Anzac Day ceremony, an invited speaker often recites The Ode and upon his or her completion of the recitation, those present repeat the last words ‘We will remember them’. After a short pause this is followed by ‘Lest we forget’.

What does Lest mean in modern English?

for fear that: for fear that. —used when you are saying something in order to prevent something from happening. See the full definition for lest in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Where does the word lest come from?

Etymology. c. 1200, contracted from Middle English les te (“less that”), from Old English þy læs þe (“whereby less that”), from þy (instrumental case of demonstrative article þæt “that”) + læs (“less”) + þe (“the”). The þy was dropped and the remaining two words contracted into leste.

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