Quick Answer: What Is The Answer To Crack The Code?

How do you unlock a 4 Number Lock?

To set a combination lock, place the dial at 0 to begin.

Use the reset tool that came with the combination lock and push it into the hole on the side of the lock chamber.

Turn it 90 degrees in either direction..

Will you crack the code 042?

6 cannot be the correct number from clue 1, since it would have to be in the wrong position for clue 2. We already know 8 is incorrect, so 2 must have to be correct, and it must be in the third slot. This means the code is [0][?][2]. … Therefore the code is 042.

What is the lock code number?

Typical default codes include the last four digits of your phone number, the last four digits of your social security number, “1234”, or “0000”.

Can you open the lock riddle?

The right answer to the “Can you open the lock using these clues?” puzzle is 042.

What does it mean to crack the code?

Idiom of the Day: crack the code = to figure out how to do something (often something difficult) Amy’s take on the idiom: “This is a great way to say that someone has come up with a way to do something tricky.

Can you crack the code 394?

The correct answer is 394 So from 1,2 & 4 statement we know that one number is 4.

How do you open a combination lock if you forgot the code?

Pull up gently on the shackle and hold it in place. Turn the dial clockwise listening carefully until you hear the lock click. Start with a good deal of pressure and gently let up as you spin it around, until you meet resistance in only one place. If the dial catches every few numbers, you are pulling too hard.

What number are each Colour is a different digit?

Answer : ABC = 555/3 = 185. Thus A = 1 and B = 8. So the blue circle is 1, the grey circle is 8, and the red circle is 5.

Can you open the lock using these clues 7529?

7529 one digit is right and in its place 7543 one digit is right but in the wrong place. 6258 all digits are wrong. … 2805 one digit is right but in the wrong place.

Can you solve this number lock puzzle 682?

Since 6 is wrong, the numbers 2 and 0 must be correct. From 682 we know 2 is correctly positioned in last spot. As 0 is not correctly positioned in the middle, it must be correctly positioned in the first spot. The code must be something like 0x2.

Can you crack the code one number is correct and well placed?

The answer is – 042. First I would like you to verify that this answer satisfies the given constraints. 682 has one digit correct and correctly placed, and 614 has one digit correct but wrongly placed. It means, that 6 can definitely not be the correct digit, since it would then be both correctly and wrongly placed.

Will you crack the code 548 answer?

548 – One number is correct and well placed. 530 – Nothing is correct.