Quick Answer: What Country Is Qu?

What country code is qu?

QU – Unknown Country or Countries..

What country is JL?

Blog UpdatesJamaicaJapanJordanKyrgyzstanLaosLatvia2 more rows

Which country uses +59?

DOMINICAN REPUBLICInternational Dialing CodeSerial No.Country NameDialing Codes59DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1-80960EAST TIMOR67061ECUADOR59362EGYPT20160 more rows

Is USA a country of origin?

Goods may be marked with the country of origin in English, Spanish or French, except that Canada, Mexico and the United States may, as part of their general consumer information measures, require that an imported good be marked with its country of origin in the same manner as prescribed for domestic goods.

Is CN China or Canada?

cn is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the People’s Republic of China. Domain name administration in mainland China is managed through a branch of the Ministry of Industry and Information.

How do you determine country of origin?

There is a rules of origin scheme that is used to determine the country of origin of a product for purposes of most-favored-nation or normal-trade-relations (“NTR”) duty treatment. It employs the “wholly obtained” criterion for goods that are wholly the growth, product, or manufacture of a particular country.

What country origin is CN?

AndorraADCook IslandsCKChileCLCameroonCMChinaCN243 more rows

What country is RC?

TaiwanISO 3166-1 numeric 158ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 TWNICAO airport code prefix(es) RCE.212 mobile country code(s) 466NATO Three-letter code TWNLOC MARC code(s) CHITU Maritime ID(s) 416ITU letter code(s) —License plate code RCGS1 GTIN prefix(es) 471UNDP country code —ITU callsign prefixes —1 more row

Which country has +96 code?

IranTable of codesNumerical codeAlphabetical codeCountry96IRIran97SYSyria98LBLebanon99IQIraq66 more rows

Which country has code +60?

MalaysiaTelephone numbers in MalaysiaLocationCountry calling code+60International call prefix00Trunk prefix0[[6000|List of Malaysia dialing codes]]8 more rows

Where is a +88 number from?

International prefixes tableCountry or unrecognized territoryInterna- tional Calling CodeMobile PrefixBangladesh+88019xxBarbados+1246Belarus+3752529 1165 more rows