Quick Answer: What AHT Means?

What does M mean in texting?

text/plainHow to abbreviate “text/plain”.

M abbreviation.

The meaning of .M abbreviation is “text/plain” What does ..

What is AHT formula?

Average handle time, or AHT, is an important call center metric. … To calculate AHT, add your total talk time + total hold time + total after-call tasks, and then divide by the number of total calls. That is your average handle time.

How can I reduce my AHT?

49 Tips for Reducing Average Handling Time (AHT)Gather all information at the start of the call. … Look carefully at the IVR. … Nip problems in the bud by paying special attention to new staff. … Create cheat sheets to help streamline call-handling processes. … Let agents listen to examples of low AHT. … Recruit agents who speak concisely. … Identify silence on calls.More items…•

What is AHT in customer service?

Average handle timeAverage handle time (AHT) is a metric that’s commonly used as a key performance indicator (KPI) for call centers. It represents the average length of contact for a customer on a call.

What is AHT stand for?

Average handle timeAverage handle time (AHT) is a call center metric for the average duration of one transaction, typically measured from the customer’s initiation of the call and including any hold time, talk time and related tasks that follow the transaction. AHT is a prime factor when deciding call center staffing levels.

What does UHB mean in texting?

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What does NBS mean in text slang?

Natural Born Skater showing onlyNatural Born Skater. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 65 definitions) Note: We have 193 other definitions for NBS in our Acronym Attic.

What does 3 in texting mean?

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What does aht AHT mean in text?

Key PointsSummary of Key Points. “Out (with a London accent)” is the most common definition for AHT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. AHT.

What does NSB mean in slang?

Not So BadNSB — Not So Bad.

What does BTW mean sexually?

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