Quick Answer: How Do I Access My NAS Remotely?

How can I access my router remotely from anywhere?

When you want to access your router from inside the network; all you have to do is type in the router’s IP address in the web browser.

Similarly, to access your router from outside, you need to type in your public IP address followed by remote control port no i.e.


So, if your public IP address is 74.12..

How do I access my Synology NAS without Internet?

You could connect your PC directly to the NAS with an ethernet cable. This way you need to enable the NAS DHCP server or set both IPs in the same Address range. Then you don’t need the „internet“/router/switch. Make sure both are connected to a router and connect to the IP Address of the Synology NAS.

How do I access Synology NAS remotely without QuickConnect?

A Synology DDNS can be used without using QuickConnect. You need to forward some ports in your router. hi, you can either connect via your external IP or DDNS.

How do I access QNAP NAS remotely?

How to remotely access your QNAP device using a computer. Go to the myQNAPcloud website (https://www.myqnapcloud.com). Sign in using your myQNAPcloud ID (QID). And log in with your device account and password.

Can I connect Synology NAS directly to PC?

If you are planning to connect your Synology NAS to your PC over USB, then no, you can not. NAS means network attached storage and is being connected to a network. Once added as a network drive, the new drive will appear in your drive list on your PC or Mac. If you want to connect your NAS directly, you can do it.

How do I access files from Synology NAS outside the local network?

To access files on your Synology NAS with Windows 7 and NetDrive:Download, install, and open NetDrive.Click the Connect button next to WebDAV.Enter the following information: … Click Save to save the settings.Click Connect.Now you should be able to see the shared folders on your Synology NAS in Windows Explorer.

How do I access my Synology NAS remotely?

Access your Synology NAS over the Internet and share filesSet up QuickConnect. Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect. Check the Enable QuickConnect box. … Share files on your NAS using QuickConnect. With QuickConnect enabled, you can easily share files stored on your Synology NAS to anyone without worrying about port forwarding.

How do I access my NAS network?

Mapping the Storage through ExplorerOpen File Explorer.Select Map network drive.Select the Drive Letter that you want from the Drive list.Enter the path to the storage in the Folder field.Select the Connect using different credentials option.More items…

Can I access NAS without Internet?

The home network does not need internet to work internally. … This is why a NAS like this will still work, but only on your internal network, which means only via WiFi provided by said router and from devices connected via Ethernet (LAN) cable. No access from the internet will be possible.

How do I find my Synology NAS on my network?

Go to Download Center to download and install Synology Assistant. Click on Synology Assistant Search button to search for your Synology NAS on the Local LAN network. Once your Synology NAS shows up in the list, the Status may show “Connection failed” instead of “Ready”. Right-click on it and select Setup.

How do I find the IP address of my NAS?

How to Find the IP Address for a NAS DeviceClick “Start.”Click “Control Panel.”Click “Network and Sharing Center.”Left-click the “Change Adapter Settings” icon. Right-click on your computer’s network connection icon and click “Status.” The screen that appears will have the IP address of your computer, which is also the IP address of your NAS device.