Question: Which Graduates Are Most Employable?

Why is graduate employability important?

Ensuring that students are well-equipped for post graduate work, in their chosen faculty, is a key aspect of higher education.

Focusing on employability helps universities to attract and retain high quality students and maintain a competitive advantage in the global market as a result..

What causes job mismatch?

Causes of Mismatch These inefficiencies may be caused by limited information about the choices available; geography – being unable to go to where the jobs are; supply and demand; and qualifications or skill level [11]. Full disclosure of the job description and available skills is vital to job-matching.

Why is being employable important?

Producing employable graduates forms part of the process of educating. … Generic employability skills are important because the labour market is intensely competitive, and employers are looking for people who are flexible, take the initiative and have the ability to undertake a variety of tasks in different environments.

How can you improve your employability skills?

How to increase your employability without being employedTake online courses. Most people vaguely understand Google, Linkedin and Excel. … Get networking. Networking can sound intimidating, but it can be extremely useful in the long run. … Pick up a hobby. … Become an ambassador. … Write stuff. … Read stuff. … Volunteer. … Study hard.

How do I stop job mismatch?

What can employers do to avoid job mismatch?Create detailed and accurate job descriptions.Supply a daily schedule of tasks.Assess the applicant’s personality rather than just their skills.Make it clear that your role is aimed at those seeking a long-term career.

What are the effects of job mismatch?

Also, at macroeconomic level, from a perspective of economy as a whole, job mismatches mean a loss of resources and human capital and could have negative effects on overall productivity. The opposite effects stay at the crossing between the employees, companies, policies and future development.

What is the meaning of job mismatch?

Job mismatch is generally defined as a worker in a job that does not correspond with his or her level of qualifications as defined by their education, skills, knowledge, and abilities.

What makes graduates more employable?

Being able to work effectively in a team is a key employability skill. In many jobs, finding and solving problems is a large part of the work that needs to be done. … Graduates that have the ability to do so will find themselves much more employable than their peers.

Which graduates are most employable?

Click the QS Stars for detailed results# RANK 2020 2019 2018 2017 2019UNIVERSITYGraduate Employment Rate1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)75.12Stanford University68.72University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)91.14Harvard University86.96 more rows

What is the most important employability skill?

The most important employability skills are in the areas of: Getting along with and working well with other people, such as communication skills and other interpersonal skills; Being reliable and dependable: doing what you say you will by the deadline you have agreed, and turning up when you are meant to be there; and.

What are the top 10 employability skills?

The top ten skills graduate recruiters wantTeamwork. … Negotiation and persuasion. … Problem solving. … Leadership. … Organisation. … Perseverance and motivation. … Ability to work under pressure. … Confidence.More items…

Why do employers want employability skills?

Employability skills are sometimes called foundational skills or job-readiness skills. Employability skills include the soft skills that allow you to work well with others, apply knowledge to solve problems, and to fit into any work environment.