Question: What Does Sold A Pup Mean?

What does Puppy mean in slang?

Puppy definitions An insolent, conceited, or silly young man; whelp..

What does the idiom know the ropes mean?

Meaning. to know all the ways and means to get something done. to understand the nuances of how something should be done. the acquaintance of all possible means is said to know the ropes.

Is Ditto a slang word?

2 Answers. Ditto became popular thanks to The Ghost(Whoppi Goldberg, Patrick Swayze and Demmi Moore)movie.It means ‘me too’,I agree. I think it comes from Latin. DEtto is used in Europe and European languages.

What is the meaning of poke?

verb (used with object), poked, pok·ing. to prod or push, especially with something narrow or pointed, as a finger, elbow, stick, etc.: to poke someone in the ribs. to make (a hole, one’s way, etc.) by or as by prodding or pushing. to thrust or push: She poked her head out of the window.

Where did the phrase no dice come from?

No dice, from the 1920s, alludes to an unlucky throw in gambling; no go, alluding to lack of progress, dates from about 1820; and no soap dates from about 1920 and possibly alludes to the phrase it won’t wash, meaning “it won’t find acceptance.” Also see nothing doing; won’t wash.

What does the expression sold a pup mean?

Frequently used in the passive, the phrase to sell someone a pup means to swindle someone, especially by selling something of little worth on its supposed prospective value. And to buy a pup means to be swindled. The expression is first recorded in 1901.

What does no cap mean?

The expression no cap is slang meaning “no lie” or “for real,” often used to emphasize someone is not exaggerating about something hard to believe.

Why is it close but no cigar?

The expression, “Close, but no cigar” means that a person fell slightly short of a successful outcome and therefore gets no reward. … The phrase most likely originated in the 1920s when fairs, or carnivals, would hand out cigars as prizes. At that time, the games were targeted towards adults, not kids.

Where did let the cat out of the bag originated?

One suggestion is that the phrase refers to the whip-like “cat o’nine tails”, an instrument of punishment once used on Royal Navy vessels. The instrument was purportedly stored in a red sack, and a sailor who revealed the transgressions of another would be “letting the cat out of the bag”.

What does a flying pig symbolize?

“When pigs fly” is an adynaton, a way of saying that something will never happen. The phrase is often used for humorous effect, to scoff at over-ambition. There are numerous variations on the theme; when an individual with a reputation for failure finally succeeds, onlookers may sarcastically claim to see a flying pig.

Where does the expression sold a pup come from?

The expression “sold a puppy” came from an old confidence trick, where one would be sold a bag purportedly containing a piglet, but which actually contained a puppy. Therefore the expression “to sell a pup” means “to sell something of little worth, pretending that it is something else of greater value”.

What does Cat got your tongue?

Definition of cat got your tongue —used to ask someone why he or she is not saying anything”You’ve been unusually quiet tonight,” she said.

What does the idiom flash in the pan mean?

flash in the pan (plural flashes in the pan) (idiomatic) A transient occurrence with no long-term effect. The concept turned out to be merely a flash in the pan and is no longer used. (idiomatic) A career notable for early success not followed by significant accomplishment.

Does Touche mean back at you?

touche. Touché is defined as a word used to acknowledge a clever point made at someone else’s expense. An example of touché is what you say when you are having a conversation with someone and they make a point at your expense, showing why they are right and you are wrong.

Is Ditto a British word?

The Italian language has contributed a number of words to English. … That’s right: the history of the word ditto starts with Italian: some early 17th century English speakers noticed that in Italian, ditto or detto was used to refer to a thing mentioned previously.

What does carrying a poke mean?

A sack; a bag. [Middle English, probably from Old North French; see pocket.] … The word poke meaning “bag” is not confined to just the American South—in many parts of Scotland, poke bag is still used of a little paper bag for carrying purchases like candy.

What does pig in a poke really mean?

Relation to other idioms and expressions The English colloquialisms such as turn out to be a pig in a poke or buy a pig in a poke mean that something is sold or bought without the buyer knowing its true nature or value, especially when buying without inspecting the item beforehand.

When did the phrase Ditto originate?

17th centuryIt comes from Italian ditto, a dialect variation on detto, meaning “said,” the past participle of dice, “to say.” It was used in Italian as in il ditto libro, “the aforesaid book.” In English, it came to be used in the 17th century to avoid having to repeat words and phrases in accounting and commercial language.