Question: Is Failing A PT Test An Honorable Discharge?

What happens if you fail a PT test army?

Soldiers who fail a record APFT or fail to perform the record APFT will be flagged from favorable personnel actions.


Soldiers failing to meet the minimum standards will be counseled and flagged.

The instructor will be reinstated to instructing once the APFT is passed..

What discharge is PT failure?

Failure to meet Air Force fitness standards could result in involuntary administrative discharge. AFI 36-3208, Administrative Separation of Airman, requires an Honorable service characterization if the sole reason for separation is failure to meet physical fitness standards.

How long does it take to get chaptered for PT failure?

If it’s a Chapter 11 or 5–17, It usually takes about a month for your packet to get completed by legal, your company commander, and your training NCO. You’re not being medboarded or having a discharge due to misconduct so it’s not anywhere near as long or complex.

Do you get an honorable discharge for failing a PT test?

Dean, I know of at least 3 people who have been discharged for PT failures. Generally, you will get an honorable discharge. dean9908 wrote: Generally, you will get an honorable discharge.