How Do I Improve My Hana Performance?

What is dynamic join in SAP HANA?

The join condition changes with fields requested in query.

Dynamic join enforces aggregation before executing the join.

This means that, if a join column is not requested by the client query, its value is first aggregated, and later the join condition is executed based on columns requested in the client query..

How does Hana views improve performance?

Always follow – HANA Development PointsUse left outer joins maximum.Specify cardinality in joins (n:1 or 1:1) – only if sure.Set optimize join = true (only if cardinality is set like above)Use table functions instead of scripted calculation views.Execute in SQL-engine (for HANA live)More items…•

How do I unlock system user in Hana tenant DB?

How to unlock the sap hana system user for a tenant database when in a desperate situation? Connect to the sap hana host using < SID >adm user. … Stop the tenant database using a user with the privilege to do so ( Privilege DATABASE ADMIN ). … Change the system user password with indexserver in emergency mode.More items…

How do I know if my Hana account is locked?

Select * from “SYS”. “USERS” WHERE USER_DEACTIVATED=’TRUE’; // This will list down the deactivated/locked users. Select * from “SYS”. “USERS” WHERE USER_DEACTIVATED=’FALSE’; // This will list down the unlocked/active users.

What is star join in Hana?

SAP HANA SP7 has a key feature called STAR JOIN in Calculation View. This feature allows us to easily Model STAR JOIN when modeling with multiple fact tables where we need measures from multiple fact tables.

What is temporal join in SAP HANA?

A temporal join lets you set time intervals for which you want to fetch records. It indicates the time interval mapping between the master data and the transaction data. The supported data types for Temporal Column, From Column, and To Column are timestamp, date, time, and integers only. …

How can sap performance be improved?

5 Common SAP Performance Issues and SolutionsAdd hardware by adding application servers. … Tune the system with profile parameters or increase the buffer sizes to improve response times. … A third option is to modify the business processes by re-scheduling load so that you can distribute load more evenly across servers and time.More items…•

What is optimize join in SAP HANA?

Optimizing join columns is supported only for left outer join or text join (with cardinality 1:1 or N:1) and right outer join (with cardinality 1:1 or 1:N). … In such cases, you can optimize the join column by introducing a dummy projection node between the join and the input node with static filters.

Which join is faster in Hana?

Third, INNER JOIN will give you better performance compare to LEFT JOIN or LEFT OUTER JOIN. Another thing about JOINs and performance, you better use them on PRIMARY KEYS and not on each column. For me, both the time join with multiple fields is performing faster than join with concatenated fields.