How Do I Get Rid Of Foxtel?

How much does it cost to cancel Foxtel?

Early termination fees are applied to recover the lost costs to Foxtel due to terminating a contract early.

A maximum fee of $300 will apply, and will be pro-rated depending on how many months are remaining on your contract..

How do I return my Foxtel equipment?

Begin your foxtel returnPack in a durable box or satchel.Remove old labels (if needed)Print and attach the label we provide. Continue.

Can I cancel Foxtel now at any time?

7.6 You may cancel your Foxtel Now Service at any time by notifying us and the Foxtel Now Service will be disconnected at the end of the current Service Period (or at the end of any trial period, if applicable).

Can I suspend my Foxtel service?

Yes, you can suspend your Foxtel TV service for a minimum of one week and up to 12 months, and you can choose to suspend your service as often as you’d like. Note: Foxtel Broadband and/or home phone services cannot be suspended.

Can I cancel my Foxtel subscription online?

If you’ve decided it’s time to cancel, you’ll need to pick up the phone – you can’t cancel your Foxtel service via your online account. But don’t worry – it’s a simple enough process. Simply call the Foxtel customer number and when prompted by the voice menu, say “disconnection”.

How do I cancel my Foxtel?

How to cancel Foxtel NowStep 1: Log in to Foxtel Now. Head to the Foxtel Now website and enter your username and password to log in.Step 2: Go to My Account. Head over to the My Account section of the website.Step 3: Click Cancel Subscription. Click on the Cancel Subscription button.